Chicken "Whole Grain Orzo" Soup - 21 Day Fix Approved

 I was sick a couple of weeks ago but still wanted to follow my clean eating lifestyle. I found it hard when all I was craving was brothy soup. I looked in my cupboards for a clean option and was faced with tons a high sodium options with not so clean ingredients. I found this recipe on Pinterest, and with a few small modifications made a chicken "noodle" soup that is sure to comfort even the sickest child. 

Note: Your tastebuds may be in shock at first by this fresh tasting soup. It was a refreshing change from the extra salty soup flavor your body is used to!

  •          1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
  •          1 pound chicken breast, precooked & shredded (4reds)
  •          3 cloves garlic, minced (free)
  •          1 onion, diced (green)
  •          3 carrots, peeled and diced (green)
  •          2 stalks celery, diced (green)
  •          1 cup uncooked whole grain orzo (2 yellows)
  •          1/2 teaspoon dried thyme
  •          6 cups organic low-sodium chicken stock
  •          2 bay leaves
  •          1 sprig rosemary
  •          Juice of 2 lemons
  •          Salt and freshly ground black pepper

         Add 1 tablespoon oil to the stockpot. Add garlic, onion, carrots and celery. Cook, stirring occasionally, until tender, about 3-4 minutes. Stir in thyme until fragrant, about 1 minute.
         Whisk in chicken stock, bay leaves, bring to a boil. Stir in orzo, rosemary and chicken; reduce heat and simmer until orzo is tender, about 10-12 minutes. Stir in lemon juice; season with salt and pepper, to taste.

Makes 4 servings. 1 serving = 1 red, ½ yellow, 1 green

Make Any Recipe Clean and 21 Day Fix Approved

There are 2 things I am addicted too right now. They are Pinterest recipes and the 21 Day Fix. I've had so much fun searching for new recipes and modifying them to meet my clean eating plans. If you are looking to get ready for summer or just want to live a healthier lifestyle follow these tips to keep yourself from getting bored in the kitchen!

1.) Search Recipes Based on your Protein Choice.

My go to's have been chicken and shrimp. Browse until you see something that looks yummy and explore. I found this saturated fat-loaded creamy chicken pasta dish.

And then turned it into this!

Pineapples, Pineapples, Pineapples!

We're not sure what it is about 2015, but pineapples seem to be popping up everywhere - and we are loving it! From Tory Burch's Resort line to Maaji Swimwear's pineapple bikinis...pineapples have left the island of Hawaii and are making their way into your closets! We're taking you through some of the yummiest pineapple looks we have seen so far this season. Which is your favorite?

The Perfect Carry-on Bag - Kate Spade Weekender

Kate Spade Saturday has a ton of great designer quality items, at a fraction of the price. We recently stumbled upon the Kate Spade Weekender bag and fell in love with it's design. The part we love the most is the bottom zippered compartment. The separate section makes this the perfect bag for a carry-on when you want to keep your shoes, undergarments, or anything else private out of the way of your flight necessities.

Another great quality is that you can design your own custom weekender! The possibilities are virtually endless, but you can be sure the outcome will be a unique and versatile bag ready to take your belongings to the Caribbean, or wherever you're heading next!

Insider tip: If you are designing a custom bag it will take at least 8 weeks to ship, so plan accordingly around your next weekend away! Where would you bring your #SaturdayWeekender?

Las Vegas - Mandalay Bay Resort

Last Memorial Day was briefly spent in one of our favorite places, Las Vegas. Some may not even consider taking a five hour long plane ride there and back for just two nights...but it was Memorial Day...and it is Vegas. We went with a group of friends and stayed at the Mandalay Bay, which we were very excited about. These two days were a whirlwind of fun so we have to take you through some of our favorite parts of Mandalay Bay so you are well prepared for your next visit!

21 Day Fix - Eating Out And Still See Results

I'll admit I fell a little off the plan with all of the recent snow days we've been getting in the Northeast (hello buffalo chicken dip!) But now that I have exactly 2 months before my next vacation, it's time to get back on track. I am making a pact to eat clean and omit processed foods, and the way to do this is to follow the 21 Day Fix meal plan.

One of the best things about the 21 Day Fix is your ability to lead a normal life while following it. Which means, eating out! How many times have your friends invited you out to dinner and all you can think is "Great, there goes all my hard work this week!" Well, with these tips from Autumn Calabrese (Celebrity Trainer and star of 21 Day Fix), you don't have to blow everything you've been achieving with one meal!

Fun in the Sun With Francesca's!

Francesca's has always been one of our favorite go-to stores when looking for cute outfits and accessories for upcoming trips. We absolutely love the style of the boutique, the bright colors they offer, the cute wall decor, and all the fun knick-knacks they have in the center of the store. Who knew you needed a Vino 2 Go cup until you saw it in the store while picking out a new dress?! While we have always stopped here for dresses, tops, and necklaces - we noticed that they recently expanded their portfolio and now are offering beach cover-ups! Hello!? We couldn't be more excited. Here's a look at a few of our favorite beach-inspired items from Francesca's that we may or may not have in our virtual shopping cart right now..

Seaside Fringe Cover-up

St. Maarten - Dutch vs. French Side?

Planning a trip to St. Maarten? The first question you will have to ask yourself is do you want to vacation on the Dutch or French side of the island? We had the lovely benefit of visiting both sides on our recent trip thanks to Hurricane Gonzalo at the Sonesta Great Bay Beach Resort on the Dutch side and the Riu Palace St. Martin on the French side.

Both parts of the island are equally beautiful, but each side have their own benefits and flaws that you should take into consideration before hitting the "book it" button on Expedia.

Looking for a wild, fun vacation? Go Dutch.

The Dutch side (St. Maarten) is known as the wild child of this Caribbean island. Nightclubs, Casinos, Duty-Free Shopping, Party Beaches - the Dutch know how it is done.

The Dutch side is home to the cruise ship ports, entertainment , and the world famous Maho Beach - where you can actually sunbathe as a giant airplane flies right over your head as it's about to land! This is a must-see for anyone visiting the island for a photo like this alone.

Victoria's Secret Swim 2015: Our Favorites

It's that time of the year again. When the mailman drops off the Victoria's Secret 2015 Swim Catalog at your front door and instantly you are dreaming of exotic getaways and Pina Coladas. We spent the time analyzing each of the newest bikinis so you don't have to stare at the entire catalog (even though we know you are going to). Here are a few of our favorites that we can't wait to order for our next vacation! Which of these are you going to be rocking at the beach this Summer?

Braving a Hurricane on a Caribbean Vacation

You always hear that you should avoid traveling to the Caribbean during hurricane season,  but when the hurricane season lasts from June to November, that takes up a lot of valuable vacation months. We've never listened to this rule and instead seek out hurricane months for vacations due to the amazing deals that you can find from hotels.

We have had some wonderful vacations with even better weather in the peak months of October and November. But our lucky streak was broken this past October when we traveled to the beautiful St. Maarten and Hurricane Gonzalo attacked!

You can read up on our reviews of the two different hotels we got to experience while in St. Maarten here: Sonesta Great Bay and the Riu Palace St. Martin. But for now, let's take you through a list of what to expect when you are caught in the middle of a hurricane while at an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean.