Monday, December 8, 2014

We're Back!

It happens to the best of us - we've been away on a blogging break for too long! One of the cons of balancing being a travel blogger and a full-time job is that sometimes life gets too busy, especially during the holiday season! We have still managed to go on some amazing trips to places like St. Maarten and have a few more coming up we are excited to share! Next on the list? A 7-night cruise on the beautiful Allure of the Seas! We leave right after Christmas and couldn't be more excited to ring in the New Year on this giant ship!

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- Sisters in the Sand

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Vegas.....with your mom!

Ya, not the ideal Vegas trip, but we did it!

Family vacation time is a must for us since we are very close with our mom. So when we found out Britney Spears would be starting a residency in Las Vegas, we bought three concert tickets and started planning. Below are some tips for traveling to Vegas with your mom and still living it up!

1. Go to Shows

There are so many amazing shows in Vegas that you just don't get to see when you are there partying with your friends. Who wants to go see a magician after funneling beers at a pool party all day? But when you go with your mom, you can enjoy this entertainment! Our top choice would be to see Beatles Love at the Mirage. We can guarantee 99% that any mom loves the Beatles. And the bonus for you is that the bar at the show serves 32 ounce drinks. Yep, thats 32 ounces of vodka, tequila, your choice, to enjoy during the show. Not to mention, that extra alcohol also helps you to sing along to all of those Beatles classics.

2. Pick a Hotel with a Nice NON Party Pool

Vegas during the day with your mom is going to be the most relaxing part of your trip. You are not going to bring her to Wet Republic or Rehab. No matter how much fun you know YOU will have there. Just don't do it. Instead, opt for a hotel that has an upscale quiet pool where you can lounge, nap, and order cocktails. We stayed at the Cosmopolitan and couldn't have picked a better pool oasis.

3. Enjoy Some Yummy Dinners

Again, Las Vegas has so many things to see and do besides the bar and casino. Do your research and pick some fine dining restaurants. If your lucky like us, your mom will pick up the bill for that $50 filet mignon your ordered.

4. Take her to an Appropriate Club

If your mom is up for checking out a club, we recommend Beachers Madhouse. It's small enough that she won't be overwhelmed and she'll get a kick out of the Sesame Street and Barney characters walking around. "Kelsey, remember when you loved Barney, quick get a picture with him!"

Here's a look at your daily schedule in Las Vegas with your mom

10:00-11:00am - Wake up and get breakfast
11:00am - 4:00pm - lounge at the pool, drink in hand
4:00pm - 5:00pm - power nap
5:00pm-7:00pm - Glam squad
7:00pm-9:00pm - Delicious Dinner
9:00pm-11:00pm - See a show
11:00pm - 12:00am - Pre-game at the Black Jack table with your mom
12:00am - 12:20am - Tell your mom she should come to the club with you.
12:20am - 12:21am - Mom says "No, I'm to old, you girls go and have fun, I'm going to bed"
12:22am - ???? - Dance, Drink, Gamble the night away!
???? - 10:00am - Sleep, then do it all over again

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Mission: Beachify Old Furniture

If you have been following Sisters in the Sand at all this year, then you are well aware that we went ahead and got us a beach house!! Once all of the boring agenda items got out of the way like the inspections and the cable - we were able to focus all of our energy on decorating the home to make it feel like a true beach house that we always see in those Pinterest pins. Our Mom's plan though was to just reuse all of our old dressers and end tables from our current house while she is in the process of downsizing. The problem with that is that they were all dark, DARK wood - not exactly the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the beach. Our solution? Throw on an old t-shirt and turn ourselves into professional painters (for the weekend at least).

If you are thinking that this looks way too hard, trust us - it isn't. the two of us aren't exactly the most handy when it come to home projects. we prefer just pinning all the fun DIY items to make it seem like we do all of that. However, we were able to turn drab into fab in just a few simple steps!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

We're on Instagram!

We have some exciting fans for all of our readers out there, Sisters in the Sand is now on Instagram! We hope that you follow us for our latest travel adventures! You can follow us here: Sisters in the Sand - Instagram. Below is a preview of what you can expect to see as our newest follower!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Napa Valley - A Girls Trip

I'm pretty sure Napa is on every girls bucket list. Sitting in the sun, drinking wine and eating cheese sounds like the perfectly relaxing getaway. I recently went and have come up with some tips for how to make your girls trip experience the best that it can be!

1. Go on the weekend

We kinda flubbed this by planning our tour day on a Tuesday. We signed up for a tour, which was great, however our group consisted of middle-aged couples. If you do your touring on the weekends you have a much better chance of spending the day with likeminded girls or if your lucky, even a group of guys.

If you have a big enough group, you can also just rent your own bus for around $20 a person and explore/drink at your leisure.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Throw a HEALTHY Summer BBQ

Can't find the time to actually travel this summer but still want to celebrate the warm weather with friends? Why not throw a backyard BBQ! We know we know, because you are trying to stay healthy and when you think of burgers, hot dogs, potato salad, and lets face it, beer, throwing a party seems like the last way to stay fit. Well we recently just threw a HEALTHY backyard bbq, and it was a hit! Our friends left feeling full, refreshed, and not like they needed to to burn an extra 1,000 calories the next morning.

Vodka, Simply Lemonade, & Club Soda

We created a lemonade bar that allowed our guests to create their own delicious cocktails. They could choose from a variety of Simply Lemonade to mix with vodka, club soda, and of course fresh fruit and mint leaves. Everyone raved about how light and refreshing their drinks were!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Must Have Summer Fitness Accessory - Fitbit

Now that bikini season is in full swing you may be looking for new ways to incorporate fitness into your daily routines. I just purchased a Fitbit Flex to keep me motivated to stay active this summer, and so far it's a Sisters in the Sand success! Here's why we think this is a must have for your summer in the sand and your next vacation!

1. It's addicting

Anyone who has a smartphone will see how addicting clicking the app can be. I find myself constantly checking my steps throughout the day to see how close I am to reaching my goals. There is something to be said for the satisfying vibration of the bracelet when you reach your daily goals. I've even resorted to high-fiving whoever i'm with to celebrate (even if it's my dog).

2. You'll get more exercise

Before I got my Fitbit, I would take my dog for one long walk a day. But now I find myself doing that one long walk, plus a few shorter ones to get my 10,000 steps in. I'm also consciously making smarter choices, like parking further away at the grocery store, or going for a nice stroll along the beach, always remembering that every step counts! Anytime you are up and moving it's tracking, from walking the beach with your sister to boogie boarding. The only thing that's missing which is a bummer, is the ability to track biking, paddle boarding, or other activities that don't involve steps.

3. It's pretty darn cute 

I've been wearing my Fitbit non-stop. I love that it comes in a plethora of fun colors and you can get different color bands to swap out depending on your mood or outfit! I personally can't wait till Tory Burch's Fitbit accessory line comes out so that I can really dress it up and wear it to special events. Think about all the steps you'd rack up dancing at wedding! Overall it's comfortable, light weight, and small enough that it won't bother you throughout the day. 

4. You'll lose weight

I've been an avid user of MyFitnessPal for the past few years, and while I love it for food tracking I didn't always see the weight loss results. What is great about the App is that it tells you your calories burned throughout the day, including at your resting rate. There is a clean graph that then displays your calories burned compared to your calories eaten. This visual is great if you are trying to shed a few lbs. Just keep your gray bar higher and you can expect to see results. I started my Fitbit challenge July 1st, and over the course of the first week lost 1.5 pounds, and yes, that includes 4th of July BBQ's.

So if there's one fitness accessory you are looking to purchase this summer, go with the Fitbit Flex for a reasonable $100! After all, your next vacation is right around the corner!

UPDATE: 3 months later

I have officially been wearing my Fitbit - nonstop - for 3 months! I was worried the novelty of it would wear off after a month, but here I am, Fitbit strong. Some things I have realized now that I am an official Fitbit addict:

  • If you lay around the house for a day, you really aren't moving at all. We all have those lazy days, and I started to notice that those days were killing my weekly steps. Looking at my app and seeing I'd only walked 2,000 steps one Sunday when I didn't leave the house has motivated me to get moving more every day.
  • If your friends get a Fitbit, you will walk more. A bunch of my friends have jumped on the Fitbit bandwagon and now I find myself super competitive with them. Seeing their 7 day step average motivates me to go for an extra walk with my dog, or push myself to run that extra mile. After all, nobody wants to be in last place on the Fitbit friend board.
  • If you are already in decent shape, you won't lose weight. I thought pushing myself to get moving more each day would surely help me lose some lbs. However that's not been the case. I'm sure a summer of traveling and eating out didn't help. But I do notice I am building muscle definition I never had before which leads me to my last point.
  • If you have never been a runner, getting a Fitbit will make you one. Some days you just don't have time to walk 4 miles to reach your 10,000 step goal. I started running to accomplish my goal more quickly, and I never thought I'd see the day where I'd say I actually enjoy running now. Shocking, I know, but I do.
So thank you Fitbit, for not only making me get off my ass more, but for encouraging me every day to be a more healthy version of myself!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Best Rooftop Bars in New York City (and Affordable!)

As soon as the weather starts getting nice (seriously, we are talking 50's here) - we are itching to get outside and head to our favorite rooftop bar for happy hour. Even though New York City is filled with great rooftop bars, we sometimes find ourselves frequenting the same ones time after time - simply because we don't know any better. In addition - wanting to go to a rooftop bar every single Summer night can take a toll on your wallet - so we found you some of the most affordable ones out there. That is why the sisters are here to offer you the Top 5 Rooftop Bars in New York City!

Lucy's Cantina
Lucy's Cantina is one of our favorites that isn't typically on the NYC roof-top bar list. We even just found out about it because we happened to be walking by it a few years ago and made a mental note to find out what it was after being drawn to the palm trees on top. Sure the surfer decorations and Mexican food is great - but what is even better is the happy hour here. From 4pm - 7pm, they have great deals on those favorite Summer drinks of yours including Coronas and Margaritas. Just make sure you get there early enough to get a good seat!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Miami - Low-Key Nightlife

Our trip to Miami was part business/part fun so we weren't able to get out and explore all of the Miami and South Beach nightlife that we wanted to. That being said, we still got out there and were able to check out some of the more low-key (but still just as fun) spots that aren't the typical loud South Beach nightclubs.

Wood Tavern - Wynwood, Miami
We ended up stumbling upon the Wood Tavern, a hidden gem while we were staying in Downtown Miami for a few nights. It blew us away and easily ended up being one of our favorite spots that we went while in Miami. It is completely outdoors, has graffiti walls, tacos made to order, and larger than life Jenga. And did we mention that dogs are even allowed because it is all outdoors? Nothing makes a bar more exciting than cute pooches running around! We ended up going on a Wednesday which also happened to be Ladies Night where ladies drank free all night long. And yes, free meant completely free. In Miami, where you get charged an obscene amount for even looking at something, this is rare and we took full advantage of it.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

10 Reasons To Go To Key West For A Girls Getaway

Picking a destination for a girls getaway or bachelorette party can sometimes be a daunting task. There is always the tried and true Vegas trip, but why not branch out and try a new spot? Here are our top 10 reasons why you should head to Key West, Florida for your next girls trip, no matter what your age!

1. Bachelor parties

Which means large groups of men. When we went we were surrounded by bachelor parties looking to party and let loose. What makes a bachelorette party more fun than running into like-minded bachelor parties your entire vacation?

2. Food

Key West has so many amazing restaurant choices, no matter what you are in the mood for. Plus, there are some great happy hour options with phenomenal half price menus. Imagine sitting with your girlfriends, drinking margaritas at a waterfront restaurant watching the sunset while rehashing last nights antics. You can read more about our restaurant reviews here.

3. Beaches and Pools

Whether your prefer the beach, or the pool, you really have your pick.  For a girls getaway we'd recommend staying at the Southernmost Hotel as they offer multiple pools for whatever mood you are in as well as a beach with complimentary beach chairs!

4. Live Music

It was almost hard not to find a bar with live music here. There is something to be said for being on vacation and listening to a great live band or cover singer. You can dance the night away with your best girlfriends as you sing along to some of your favorite tunes.

5. Drag Shows

If you are looking to spice up your trip a bit there are a number of drag shows you can attend on Duval Street. They will lip sync and ask you to shove dollar bills down their chests, but hey, it's all in good fun!

6. It's in the U.S.

Which means its clean and safe. We literally felt like we were on a caribbean island while in Key West, but with all the comforts of the United States. It's a quick flight from most parts of the country. We would definitely recommend spending the extra money to fly directly to the island versus driving from Miami.

7. Drinks are cheap

If you are from a major city like us (Boston & NYC) your wallet will be pleased with the prices of beverages here. From $5 martinis at martini monday to $2 draft beers. A far cry from the usual $18 cocktail we so often see!

8. It's walkable

One of the best things about Key West is that you can walk almost anywhere you need to go if you stay near Duval Street. All of the hotspots are located here with many restaurants on streets close by. No need to rent a car or hail a pink taxi (yes the cabs here are pink, how perfect is that for your girls trip?!).

9. Nightlife

This is no Vegas lifestyle, which is why we love it. The bars here are extremely laid back but still a ton of fun. You won't pay a $40 cover or wait in a line around the block to be told you are wearing the wrong type of shoes. You can just throw on whatever you are comfortable in and head out for a night of fun. Bars are also open to 4am, so you can head out late, and stay out late.

10. You can leave the heels at home

Which is AMAZING. How many nights have been cut short because your feet just can't stand being arched in those 4 inch stilettos? In fact, if you wear heels in Key West, consider yourself a minority. What a truly relaxing feeling to be able to go out with your friends in a sundress and flip-flops.

I went on a small girls getaway and have decided that's where my bachelorette party will take place, now to just find a groom...